Ставки на чемпионат Молдавии по футболу 2019


There are likely to be few fans of Moldavian football, because even by the standards of modest European championships, the Moldavian national league, unfortunately, is not able to attract the attention of football fans, even in their own country. However, this does not mean at all that bookmakers do not accept bets on this European championship, which means there is reason to clarify the situation with Moldavian football in more detail and find out what features should be taken into account when making bets on such matches. That is what we will do as part of our article today.

Features of betting on the Moldavian football championship

According to experts, however, this is also obvious for an ordinary football fan, this sport in Moldova is undergoing hard times, and the situation is getting worse every year. This is by no means said only about how Moldavian teams perform in European competitions, if at all they manage to get there, but also the successes of the national team, which are also not worth talking about. So, even if the Moldavian teams manage to break into the Euroarena, they are often unable to compete with their rivals. However, even more depressing is the fact that interest in football inside the country, namely the main Moldavian division, is noticeably dying away, and the reason for this is far from the highest entertainment of games, and this, in turn, is mainly due to almost complete lack of competition. So perhaps the only club from Moldova that has been heard outside the country is the Tiraspol Sheriff, and it is this team that has almost invariably become the country's champion for almost 20 years. There were exceptions. So, Chisinau Dacia and Milsami from Orhei still became champions, but this is only an exception to the rule.

So, the only club that represents Moldova in the Euroarena is the very Sheriff, and in most cases the team’s performances end already at the qualification stage in the Champions League, however, compared to the rest of the teams, the Sheriff has a pretty good infrastructure that can attract relatively promising players. In addition, among the main features of the national division of Moldova, it is worth noting the extremely small number of teams that are fighting for the title of champion of the country. So, the top division of Moldova consists of 8 clubs, among which, again, there is simply no competition for first place. In general, the alignment of forces is such that after the champion, as a rule, Sfintul Gheorghe, Petroclub and the same Milsami are located, however, even in the Europa League these clubs have little to oppose their rivals. Moreover,

Thus, the lack of competition for betting enthusiasts, at the same time, can sometimes act as an advantage, since in a number of matches the outcome is obvious in advance to many. Well, now let's move on to more positive points and consider which platforms are able to offer their players good conditions when making forecasts.


Betting platforms

In the line from 1xstavka there was also a place for the Moldavian championship, which, however, is not surprising, since the clients of this office really have plenty to choose from in terms of the variety offered. Moreover, this site also offers good painting, and you can post your forecasts using the convenient mobile application. Finally, BC is a legal bookmaker in Russia, which means that players will have no problems accessing the site, which, again, is an additional advantage. Of course, 1xstavka presents a good selection of affordable payment platforms in which players will find a number of payment methods that are in demand among Russian-speaking bettors. As a result, the resource is quite suitable for posting its forecasts for the matches of the Moldavian football championship.

The line of the Fonbet bookmaker is a bit poorer in game variety than 1xstavka, however, some events from the Moldavian championship are likely to be supported here as well. As for Fonbet, we can say about this bookmaker that here you can also bet using a full-fledged mobile application, and there is also a number of interesting promotions on the BC website, both for beginners and for existing clients of the office. The selection of affordable payment solutions here is quite comparable with the set of options that other large offices provide, so there are also many supporters of this platform.

In general, due to the rather low popularity of the Moldavian football championship, not all bookmakers, and even those that are considered large resources, can offer their players the opportunity to place bets on matches of the national division of Moldova.


So, as we see, the Moldavian football championship is far from being a sports direction that is interesting to many football fans, and even more so, not all bookmakers include this championship in their line. As we found out, the main reasons for this state of affairs are, first of all, the lack of spectacular games and, perhaps more importantly, the lack of competition, as a result of which one team has been invariably becoming the champion of their country for almost 20 years, but or to oppose his opponents in the European arena, cannot. Therefore, it is not so easy to find a bookmaker who could offer his players bets on the Moldavian championship, but some platforms can still boast such an advantage. In general, even those resources that do not include the Moldavian championship in the main line, however, can offer players such matches within the sweepstakes. We observe approximately the same picture on the website of BC Fonbet. The rest of the bets on the Moldavian championship, in fact, are not much different from the forecasts for any other match, except that the painting options here are likely to be much less than at the top or, at least, popular meetings.

In any case, players should remember that sports betting should be done as carefully and thoughtfully as possible, and even if you think that the outcome of the match is obvious, as often happens in the same Moldavian championship, the final result does not always coincide with expectations user. That is why you can bet only the amount of money that you would not mind to lose if you lose. Remember that the safety of your money depends, first of all, on yourself and on how soberly you evaluate your financial capabilities and on whether you are ready to lose the amount set.